Audio Guide - Discover the city on your own

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The tour stretches from Speyer’s cathedral - UNESCO World Heritage Site - across the Jewish courtyard with the SchPIRA Museum and ritual cold bath, and on to Trinity Church, the historic City Hall, then all the way to the Old City Gate and Tower and finally, to Memorial Church. With informative 3-to-5-minute audio tracks, you will experience the full diversity of the city: its stories and its history, its historic and modern architecture, as well as its art and culture.

The Audio Guide to Speyer guides you individually through the city. You start at a location of your choice and proceed through the tour at your personal pace. You also have the opportunity to stop wherever you like. Thus you can treat yourself to a stop in a cafe or delve more deeply into a particular sight. The written version of the script allows you to read what you have heard more leisurely afterwards.

You can also listen to and download the individual audio contributions directly below: