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Wheelchair users in St. Joseph's Parish Church
Wheelchair users in St. Joseph's Parish Church

In order that you will be able to plan your stay well and also be able to enjoy it, we have assembled some information that should prove to be helpful.

Our offerings for persons with physical impairments will continue to be updated because we are expecting to be able to gradually eliminate more and more barriers to access. That is why we are happy to receive all suggestions for improvement. If there is a particular piece of important information that we have left off our list, please let us know. We will gladly respond as best we can.

City Tour for guests in wheelchairs

Accessible Accommodations


City Tour for Groups of Disabled Guests

Accessible portal at the imperial cathedral
Accessible portal at the imperial cathedral

The City of Speyer wants to make it possible to make our culture-historical offerings available to mobility-impaired guests. The speed and coverage or the tour can be adjusted in accordance with the individual desires of the group. Appropriately trained tour guides will accompany the guests through the Cathedral and Imperial City.

Rent Wheeled Walkers at Tourist-Information

In order to make it possible for all of our guests to enjoy a comfortable stay in our city, we make it possible to rent wheeled walkers at Tourist Information.

The walkers can be rented for a refundable deposit in the amount of 25,00 € and by showing some form of personal identification or a passport. For more information, please contact us.