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Walk in Speyer, © Klaus Landry

Families can spend many fascinating days in Speyer. They can experience intriguing adventures on the water, explore airy heights in the climbing park, and get to know unique museums and centres of knowledge – all in the middle of a city. For Speyer is a city of possibilities. And with its straightforward approach and inviting parks, it is made for short legs and long respites.


Technical Museum of Speyer

A vacatiBoing 747 in the Technik Museum, ©Technik Museumon destination for young and old. The museum has adjusted particularly well to the needs of its younger guests. For example, the giant slide direct from the observation platform adjacent to the Boeing 747 is great fun, even for grown-up “children”. Next to a big playground for children on the open air portion of the site, accessible exhibits like the Boeing 747, the Antonov AN-22 and the German Navy’s original U9 submarine appeal to young visitors. 

Best of all, birthday children (grown-ups too) receive free admission to the Technical Museum of Speyer and the IMAX DOME film theatre. To establish birth date, an identification card, passport or driver’s license should be shown at the museum’s ticket window.

Young People’s Museum

This museum is anything but boring, especially since it involves knowledge. Several times a year, the Young People’s Museum of Speyer offers informative exhibitions especially for children. Child-oriented presentations and objects to hold and try make it possible for children to have a playful involvement with art and culture. Families can time-travel into history, explore the life of men and women in times past and compare it with that of today. During a hands-on exhibition in the Young People’s Museum in Speyer, children are the players and designers simultaneously. Fun leads to unforgettable learning experiences.


Sealife Speyer Oceantunnel, ©Sealife More than 3.000 animals in more than 40 fascinating basins and aquaria - you won’t get bored here.  Take an adventurous expedition as you follow the path of the Rhine from its source all the way to the Atlantic. Experience the exciting and informative talks as well as spectacular public feedings.

Children’s and Young Persons’ Theatre

Childrens- and Young Person's Theatre © Karl Hoffmann The leading address for opportunities for young theatre-goers is the Children’s and Young Persons’ Theatre in Speyer. Outstanding artists covering the spectrum from dance to puppetry, theatre, musicals, and interdisciplinary forms will impress young and old alike. In addition, in the area of cultural development, there are projects, workshops and productions involving children and young persons. Here are the current productions.


Swimming n the Bademaxx, ©Bademaxx Whoever in Speyer wants to go swimming, should not, under any circumstances, miss going to Bademaxx. Its expansive layout offers the visitor an outdoor and several indoor pools with a total of no less than 29,000 sq. ft. of water surface for swimming, cavorting and fun.

The adventure pool, equipped with diving tower, slide and wave ball makes for quite an experience for children and adults alike. The ample outside grounds and the indoor relaxation gallery invite the visitor to relax a bit and bide one’s time.


Recreation area Binsfeld, ©Klaus Landry
The popular recreation area of Binsfeld, located near Speyer and provided with eight man-made lakes offers swimming fun galore together with very good water quality. Scuba-divers will have the best luck by diving in Lake Kuhunter and Lake Gaensedreck.

Climbing Park Climbing Park Speyer ©Schwind

Care to climb across rickety bridges like Indiana Jones and traverse obstacles on ropes?

You can experience that and more in Speyer’s Climbing Park. From the rope bridge across swinging planks to the Tarzan rope — there are a variety of challenges to be overcome. Play, fun, fitness, adventure, risk and ropeways. Speyer’s climbing park is an absolutely unique leisure pursuit and offers fun, adventure and thrills for the whole family.



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