Technik Museum Speyer

Technik Museum Speyer: Buran Shuttle, © Technik Museum

In the Technical Museum Speyer since 1991, friends of technology have been getting their money’s worth. Exhibits from the fields of aircraft, railroads, fire engines and ships find many admirers in the Technical Museum.


Technik Museum Speyer, © Klaus VenusLocated near the centre of the city on the grounds of the former Palatine aircraft works, it was built by the Technical Museum at Sinsheim when that original location ran out of space. In the “Liller Hall”, a historically preserved industrial hall built in 1913,“Oldtimer” cars, motorcycles, aircraft and historic fire engines are exhibited.

The huge open space provides the possibility of presenting visitors with especially large exhibits. Among the gems on display are a German navy submarine, an Antonov, the largest production propeller-driven airplane ever built, a Lufthansa jumbo jet, and a Russian BURAN orbiter, the counterpart of the American space shuttle. Its transport in Spring 2008 by sea from Bahrain to Rotterdam and from there on a pontoon boat up the Rhine to Speyer was a media event of the first order.

The Wilhelmsbau Museum

The Wilhelmsbau Museum, an autonomous“museum within a museum“, offers room for, among other things, mechanical musical instruments, fashion from the 18th and 19thcenturies, artistic dolls, as well as historical weapons and uniforms.


The IMAX DOME large-screen movie theatre is the only movie theatre with this type of construction in all of Germany. Here, the movie is not being shown on a flat screen but on a gigantic dome that fills the spectator’s field of vision.


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