Museums and Learning Places

Historical Museum of the Palatinate © Klaus Landry
Historical Museum, Technology Museum, Sea Life and several smaller museums and learning centres invite you to linger a while.



Technik Museum Speyer: Buran Shuttle, © Technik Museum

In the Technical Museum Speyer since 1991, friends of technology have been getting their money’s worth. Exhibits from the fields of aircraft, railroads, fire engines and ships…

Exhibits in Purrmann House © Klaus Venus

Dear guests,

due to alterations the Hans Purrmann House is currently closed. Thank you for your understanding.

From whitewasher apprentice to internationally recognised painter – an…

Exhibits in Museum SchPIRA, © Klaus Venus
In order to furnish the SchPIRA Museum, the Historical Museum of the Palatinate and the State Office for Historic Preservation made a permanent loan of their collections of Judaica…

The Feuerbach House in the evening © Klaus Venus
The birthplace of Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880) is today a memorial, a research library and an archive for the famous painter and his family. 

Historical Museum of the Palatinate by night © Karl Hoffmann

Located in close proximity to the Imperial Cathedral, this museum is one ofLabel "Accessibility certified" © Reisen für Alle the very special attractions of Speyer. As one of the most celebrated culture-historical museums in all…

Sealife Speyer Oceantunnel, © Sealife

Discover and Experience - the diverse and stunning SEA LIFE underwater world. You can expect an unforgettable dive, all without getting wet.

The Culture Terrace in Flachs Lane at the Kult(o)urnacht, © Klaus Venus

In 2001, the art league, city art gallery, and Winkel print shop found a modern and attractive home with 7,500 sq ft of exhibition space at the Culture Terrace in Flachs Lane. A…

An Archeological Viewing Window © Landesamt für Denkmalpflege

Changing exhibitions featuring current German archaeology, especially that taking place in the Palatinate, are displayed for all to see in an archeological “viewing window”. 

Carnival Museum in the Wartturm, © Klaus Landry

The silly goings-on associated with the region’s carnival celebrations (similar to Mardi Gras) are documented in the Carnival Museum. On four floors of a tower and in an annex…

Johann Joachim Becher 1635-1682 © Stadt Speyer

On the 370th birthday of the acclaimed scholar and political adviser from Speyer, Johann Joachim Becher ...


The Eugen Jäger Parlour © Klaus Venus
The memorial honors Dr. Eugen Jäger (1842- 1926), who operated in Speyer as publisher, publicist, and centrist politician.

The Martin Greif Parlour © Markus Hild

The memorial for Martin Greif (1839 - 1911) was established in 2011 and reminds us of the poet and dramatist who was recognised as an epigone of the classics and as an important…

Sophie la Roche from Wolf Spitzer, © Klaus Landry
Visitors interested in literature will find a memorial for Sophie von La Roche (1730-1807) at the Hohenfeld house built in the style of the late Baroque. 

Elwedritsche Museum, © Matthias Nowack

Never heard of the elwetritsch? Then you definitely need to go to the Elwetritsch Museum which happens to be located right in the middle of Speyer. The elwetritsch is a mythical…

Museum in the (former) bridge tollhouse
In this one-time toll and administration building for the pontoon bridge that stood here from 1865 until 1938 ...



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