The Emperor's Table © Klaus Venus

The Emperor's Table

The Emperor's Table in the evening © Klaus Landry

On the second weekend in August, Maximilian Street turns into a table fit for a king.


Who wouldn’t want to sit down at a table festively set for a king? Imagine a 2600 foot long table for more than 1000 guests in Speyer’s inner city. Background music is also provided. There is no doubt that this is a very special experience.

Speyer's Celebrations

Where does this tradition come from?

The Emperor's Table in the evening © Klaus Landry In conjunction with the “2000 Years of Speyer” anniversary celebration, the city’s Hotel and Tavern Association, together with its members, put on the first Emperor’s Table.

What was thought of initially as a one-time contribution to the city’s anniversary celebration has developed in the meantime into an institution that is now indelibly associated with the cultural happenings of the City of Speyer.

The story of the Emperor’s Table is also a story of the Salian-Swabian dynasty in the Palatinate. It hearkens back to an imperial warehouse belonging to the Swabian ruler, Conrad III when more than 100 warriors under imperial pay had to be provided with meals “by decree”.


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