Farmer’s Market for (culinary) epicures

Farmer's Market for (culinary) epicures © Klaus Bolz

For almost 24 years, the City of Speyer has emphasized regional produce at its Farmers’ Market. Many of these products come from organic farms and many have a special tradition in the Palatinate.


Farmer's Market in Speyer, © Klaus Bolz

September 15, 2018 -
September 16, 2018

With the Cathedral as a backdrop, on the third weekend in September, the largest Farmers’ Market in Rhineland-Palatinate takes place. About 90 vendors from the region of the Anterior and South Palatinate present premium quality produce that they have grown themselves. The produce can be either agricultural or viticultural. They also display rural crafts and invite the visitor to taste regional specialties. 

More than 30,000 impressed visitors accept this invitation every year and these come not just from the immediate surroundings but also travel from every part of Germany to enjoy this experience. For people who have always been interested in what happens in  Palatine fields and in our vineyards, barns, cellars and stalls, they find they can get answers to all their questions here while at the same time, allowing themselves to be seduced by the culinary specialties here.

Professionally accurate information can be obtained here, not only from the producers, but also from presentations by several self-regulating agricultural institutions, associations and clubs that provide deep insight into agricultural working conditions here in the Palatinate.Farmersmarket in Speyer, © Klaus Bolz

Who doesn’t begin to salivate when thinking about freshly picked fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, nuts, honey, honey wine, goat sausage, horse-meat sausage, poultry delights, oil, vinegar, mustard, bread, noodles, eggs, cheese, jelly and herbs. All those that are to be found here come from local farms.

Here, you can fortify yourself with potato soup accompanied by plum pie, potatoes with soft white cheese, pumpkin fritters, hash browns, Palatine stuffed pigs stomach, hefty bratwurst, game or chicken with vegetables, smoked ham, steamed noodles with wine sauce, tarte flambee, bread with lard, homemade sausage, lamb specialties, hand cheese, or onion tart. To go with it, you can treat yourself to a small glass of excellent wine or sparkling wine out of Palatine cellars or a fruity brandy made with sun-drenched Palatine fruit.

NuFarmer's Market in Speyer, © Klaus Bolzmerous displays of traditional farmers’ craftsmanship can also be seen. These stretch from white stitching, spinning, and felting to wagon-making, broom- and brush-binding, and basket-weaving, stirring fruit puree, and clipping sheep. Joining them are once again the tractor-friends from Römerberg who parade their tractors.

Speyer festival calendar

The market is open Saturdays from 11:00 to 19:00 h and on Sundays from 11:30 to 19:00 h.


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