Wine Tasting in Full Color

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Our senses can be tricked! Just how much — you’ll find out when we combine wine-tasting with colour. Since we produced “Eating in the Dark”, we have become specialists in tricking the senses. Now we have expanded our range of events of this type by adding one more: Experience food and wine under different lighting conditions. Let’s see if we can fool you.

It is not just the colour of a wine or a food dish itself but also the lighting of the surroundings that affect one’s perception and assessment of taste. A change in the colour of the light in a room influences our taste buds in deciding whether something is sweet, sour, salty, bitter or umami. Don’t believe it? We’ll demonstrate.

For this get-together, your food and wine will be tasted under red, blue, green and yellow lighting. In our perception, green stands for unripened and sour. We connect yellow to exotic, ripe and caramelised aromas. We relate pomaceous fruit (apples, pears, etc.), berries and warmth to red. Blue stands for coolness and minerality.

So allow us to surprise you as we try to trick your senses.


Duration:                                  about 2 hours
Price:                                         € 39.00 per person
Minimum participation:      30 persons
Maximum participation:     50 persons

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