Speyer’s Version of a Kitchen Get-Together

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Experience a combination of delicious culinary creations and cultural impressions! We greet you most heartily in our “Courtyard of the Senses’ with a lovely glass of sparkling wine or, if it is cold outside, a cup of homemade hot-spiced wine (in German, “Glühwein”). To accompany it, you’ll have your choice of tarte flambée, either traditional or vegetarian.

Then, accompanied by an experienced tour guide, you will gaze in wonder at the beauty of our Cathedral City and explore our hidden lanes and alleys while experiencing a small taste of the remarkably varied history of Speyer. Your tour of the city will return you to where we started. There, in our vaulted cellar, we will continue your tour of discovery, as we serve you a meal that represents a new take on the traditional Palatine menu. Trust me, you have never tasted pork quite like this. So why not join us as we help you make discoveries that are not only cultural but culinary as well!

We put the emphasis on regional and organic products and adapt the menu to the season!

This is how your menu might look:


  • Fried cubes of pork with hot tomato salsa
  • Vegetarian alternative: celery salad
  • Frothy leek soup
  • Ceviche of brook trout
  • Vegetarian alternative: avocado salad with tomatoes

Main course:

  • Loin of Palatine-raised pork with apple-onion reduction
  • Vegetarian alternative: Mushroom skillet with white mushrooms and chanterelles in cream
  • Summer spinach dumplings
  • Palatine mixed vegetables


  • Fried battered apple rings
  • Zabaglione
  • Demeter ice cream
  • Crunchy cashews


Duration:                                    4 hours
Price:                                            € 59.00 per person
Minimum participation:         30 persons
Maximum participation:        50 persons

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